The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance is launching a new campaign today titled I AM FARMLAND, which is geared to help support the expanded distribution of FARMLAND, a new feature length documentary about the lives of young farmers and ranchers.

The funds raised by the campaign will be used to bring the film to high schools, colleges and communities across the country, according to a news release.

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance says that the documentary accurately reflects life as an American farmer and rancher. I AM FARMLAND is a group of friends of the film, who are working to reach a broader audience.

“Farmers and ranchers owe it to ourselves to help ensure this film is seen by young people in an effort to curb the criticisms and lack of understanding consumers have for food production,” alliance board member and Minnesota farmer Gene Stoel said in the release. “Consumers are generations removed from agriculture today and they don’t know the people growing and raising our food. This is the first authentic representation of modern agriculture on this scale and the agriculture industry needs to step up and support it in a big way.”

The alliance will use the funds raised with I AM FARMLAND to continue to spread the documentary by offering screenings on college campuses, a curriculum-based program for high schools and screening kits for farmers and ranchers who would like to conduct outreach in their respective communities.

“If you have seen the film, you realize that it’s something everyone in America should see,” alliance CEO Randy Krotz said in the release. “Initial distribution of FARMLAND has been successful but limited. Now that we know the positive impact viewing the film has on non-ag audiences, we owe it to interested consumers to get the film in front of them. We need agriculture’s support to help more people around the country view this amazing film.”

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