World coarse grain use in 2011/12 is projected down 5.9 million tons this month to 1,144.1 million due to reduced U.S. use. However, foreign consumption is forecast up with increased supplies. Foreign use is forecast up only 1.7 million tons to 851.2 million, as high prices limit consumption gains. Foreign corn use is up only 0.3 million tons as changes are mostly offsetting, with reductions for Egypt and Canada offset by increases for Brazil, Colombia, and changes in the sum of world trade. While the sum of local marketing year exports increased slightly this month, imports declined 0.5 million tons, increasing global disappearance.

Brazil’s corn use for 2011/12 is projected up 1.5 million tons this month to 52.0 million tons, while the previous year is estimated up 0.7 million tons to 49.5 million. Expanding poultry and pork production for domestic use and meat exports supports the 5-percent growth in corn use estimated for 2010/11 and projected for 2011/12. Colombia’s 2011/12 corn use is up 0.2 million tons this month to 5.4 million based on growth in poultry production.

Corn consumption in Egypt for 2011/12 is cut 1.7 million tons to 10.4 million. Sharply reduced corn production and uncertain economic prospects cut expected food, seed, and industrial use 0.6 million tons to 1.6 million, and faltering poultry production is expected to cut feed and residual use 1.1 million tons to 8.8 million. Reduced production in Canada is expected to reduce corn feed use to 6.3 million tons, down 0.5 million this month.

World barley consumption in 2011/12 is projected up 1.0 million tons this month to 137.1 million. Increased use is projected for Saudi Arabia, up 0.5 million tons this month to 7.1 million. The Saudi Government has backed up assurances of maintaining ample supplies for feeding sheep and camels by importing aggressively in recent weeks. Syria has also imported at a stronger rate than expected, boosting use prospects 0.2 million tons to 1.2 million. Russia, with increased beginning stocks and no incentive to build stocks during 2011/12, is expected to increase use, boosting domestic consumption 0.3 million tons this month to 14.3 million. Chile’s barley use is up slightly this month. However, with reduced production prospects, barley use in Morocco is forecast down 0.1 million tons to 3.2 million.

Increased millet production in Russia and Ukraine is boosting consumption 0.4 million tons this month. Increased oats supplies in Chile boost prospects for 2011/12 use 0.1 million tons this month.