And they’re off!

This week’s Crop Progress report from the USDA showed crop planting updates from 10 of the top 18 corn-producing states in the country. Overall, 3 percent of the corn has been planted, compared to 2 percent last year.  It is also slightly above the five-year average of 2 percent.  

Texas led the pack with 48 percent of corn planted, which is slightly behind last year’s report of 53 percent.

Other states with a high percentage of planted corn include Tennessee (15 percent), North Carolina (10 percent) and Missouri (7 percent). Both Illinois and Kentucky have 5 percent of corn in the ground.  Check out the report to see the other states that are progressing with their corn planting.

Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Wisconsin have yet to report any corn planting.

While spring-like weather, most farmers have been itching to start planting. However, George Patrick, a Purdue University Extension agricultural economist, pointed that planting corn or soybeans before early planting dates could be risky for those with certain types of crop insurance.

One thing the crop insurance policies are intended to do is promote farmers following good farming practices," Patrick said in a university article. "Planting before these dates runs a higher risk of loss, so it is not encouraged by crop insurance."

It is advised for producers to speak with their insurance agents and seed representatives to understand what risks they face if they choose to plant early. The USDA’s Risk Management Agency also has more information via online fact sheets at