Most TV show casts cruise into the Emmys in sleek stretch limos. The cast of USA Network’s show PSYCH rolled up to the midnight screening of “PSYCH: The Musical” in a slightly less-traditional vehicle.

On Wednesday, the Wienermobile drove through the streets of San Diego, transporting the PSYCH cast to the premiere. PSYCH is USA Network’s longest running series, starring James Roday as a detective whose observation skills are so good that he’s called a psychic. The fans of the show, dubbed “PSYCH-Os,” understand the Wienermobile as an inside joke. In the pilot episode, actor Roday’s character, Shawn Spencer, admitted to driving the Wienermobile for a summer—“for the hot dogs.”

Oscar Mayer’s partnership with PSYCH for this event also included a Twitter competition. Fans separated into teams and competed to make the most noise on social networking websites by using the hashtags #Autobuhn and #Bunderstruck. The winning team was named “Wienermobile Run Champion.”

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