When purchasing beef in the supermarket you may ask yourself a few questions before you buy. How much am I spending per pound? Where did this beef come from? You might also ask, how tender will this cut turn out? Well, thanks to the USDA you can now purchase what is being labeled “USDA-certified Very Tender beef.”  

Matthews, N.C. based Harris Teeter grocery store is the first to debut the “Very Tender” label. Harris Teeter receives its beef from Cargill Meat Solutions, the first processor in the country to have a USDA-certified tender program.

According to the USDA, “Tenderness is one of the most significant factors affecting the overall consumer acceptance of beef cuts.”

These cuts of very tender beef may not always be graded as USDA-Prime however, they may in fact be Choice or even Select.

With the program requirements for production it is actually possible to have a USDA-Prime cut of beef that is not as tender as a lower grade cut.

For more information on the new labeling read the USDA Blog here.

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