USDA says a task force established by President Obama Friday will assist agricultural communities facing the impacts of climate change.

USDA says climate change task force will help ag communitiesThe Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience will advise the Federal Government on strategies to help American agriculture mitigate and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.

Robert Bonnie, Under Secretary, Natural Resources and Environment, says the task force is an important step in our shared effort to respond to climate change.

“America’s farmers, ranchers and landowners have long been tremendous stewards of our environment. At USDA, we have worked with a record number of producers and landowners over the course of the Obama Administration to help conserve the soil and water, and clean our air,” Bonnie said.

USDA expects the task force to help America’s farmers and ranchers adapt to changing climate conditions.

Bonnie says the USDA programs will help farmers and ranchers counter the impacts of climate change and help create modern practices for producers to capitalize on their good stewardship.

The latest Drought Monitor by the USDA shows nearly one-fourth of the Midwest and 22 percent of the High Plains are in moderate or worse with the percentage of corn and soybean crops growing in drought down from a month earlier. Rainfall across many drought-affected regions of the country in recent day are expected to show improving conditions.

As part of the broader Climate Action Plan, the USDA announced steps in June to create modern solutions against climate adversity. In addition to regional sources on climate information and forecasts, the USDA created the "Carbon Management and Evaluation Tool" (COMET-FARM), showing farmers how much carbon their land removes from the atmosphere.