Missouri State University is selling the beef raised on its 3,300-acre ranch to teach students about the beef industry’s farm-to-plate process.

The locally produced, no hormones added, grass-based diet, frozen for freshness and dry aged beef is produced at a Hereford ranch that was donated to the university in 2010. The ranch houses 1,000 head of cattle about 60 miles from the university’s campus.

A second smaller ranch located near a small meat processing plant was donated to the university at the beginning of 2013. The location of the smaller ranch allows the university to extend its ranch program to include a retail aspect.

Anson Elliott, head of MSU’s Darr School of Agriculture, told the Springfield News-Leader the new component allows the program to stretch the teaching experience all the way to the plate, turning hard work into a revenue stream.

Meat produced at the processing plant will be available at that company’s retail store, and may be extended to local grocery stores.

Product offerings include ground beef, steaks and roasts, though the branded-beef comes at a premium. The university’s ground beef sells for almost two dollars more than regular ground beef.

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