In Utah, a proposal could extend more land to a prairie dog sanctuary, but ranchers in the area aren’t too pleased. Brian Maffly of The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the proposal would allow The Nature Conservancy to buy the land to extend the prairie dog sanctuary in Wayne County by 800 acres and increase Utah’s permanent school fund by $1 million.

Ranchers and Wayne County leaders want the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration to reject the proposal, because they said it will increase federal influence in the county. Some ranchers say that the added land isn’t necessary, Maffly reports.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prairie dog biologist Nathan Brown said that prairie dog numbers are up in the region. He told Maffly that the hope for the proposal would be that it creates land that is a safe harbor for the animals, but also doesn’t create a lot of issues for farmers, pilots and humans in general.

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