Orange City, Iowa —Van Beek Natural Science introduces Tri-Pectate® Capsules, a feed supplement that protects newborn calves from stress induced scours with its unique mode of action.

Tri-Pectate Capsules are formulated with Axaphen®, a patented combination of essential oils and enhancers.  Axaphen has powerful antimicrobial properties that eliminate bacteria on contact. 

Pectin is dietary fiber in Tri-Pectate that swells up to hold fluid and normalizes gut flow. It also helps remove toxins while coating the intestinal wall, thus proactively working against GI problems before they start.  The right balance of mineral bio-complexes help bind and inactivate harmful pathogens. They eliminate toxins from the body, stimulate the immune system, and soothe the intestinal tract. 

All the power of the Tri-Pectate syringe formula has been packed into this convenient capsule.  Tri-Pectate Capsules are available in 20ct and 100ct jars and 450ct pails. The product is sold through all major livestock & dairy distributors.  Please visit for more information.

Headquartered in Orange City, IA, Van Beek Natural Science is an innovative, quality-focused manufacturing and service company committed to bringing the highest quality natural products to the market for both livestock and companion animals. Van Beek has been marketing animal nutraceuticals since 1984, with extensive experience in essential oil based products.  Van Beek uses the best available ingredients from around the world when formulating products.  This ensures that the benefits desired from the ingredients reach their full potential in the final product. Van Beek Natural Science is ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP certified.