From a patriotic “fight terrorism” slug line to a more personalized “GITRDUN” motto, you may think you’ve see every possible license plate out there, but chances are you haven’t.

Beef lovers everywhere are about to have a reason to be jealous of Nebraska natives. With more cattle than people, you could say Nebraska is a beef state, so much so that representatives of the Nebraska Cattlemen and the Nebraska Beef Council along with Gov. Dave Heineman are promoting May as “Beef Month”,  urging beef enthusiasts to sign up for a new “Beef State” license plate.

From 1956 to 1965 “The Beef State” rang true on Nebraska license plates and it will only take 500 applicants to bring back the vintage beef plate. As of last Friday there were 425 applicants, 75 shy of the goal. This new plate will set you back $70.

For more information on the “Beef Plate” visit the Nebraska Cattlemen’s website here.