Food; it's something so basic in concept, yet, in recent years, it's become a minefield of contradictory information, half-truths and content for some truly questionable urban myths. As an expert for Best Food Facts, you know this better than most.

In an effort to start a more transparent conversation about food the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) has created two webinars to begin a dialogue between consumers and experts designed to break down the misinformation surrounding food and its production.

Please join us for Tough Questions on Food - a webinar for health and nutrition-focused individuals - on Thursday, Sept. 12, at 3 p.m. CDT. This webinar will provide participants with direct access to food industry experts - a biotechnologist, a food scientist, a farmer, a registered dietitian and a veterinarian. Some questions we've already received include topics like processed foods, antibiotic and hormone use in livestock, and genetically modified foods. We invite you to submit your curiosities and most pressing food questions prior to the live event as well as ask questions during the webinar. Register for the Tough Questions on Food webinar. And, please pass along this invite to anyone you think might be interested.

Also, consider joining us and passing along the invite for a consumer-focused webinar: True? Or Not? Your Food Questions, Expert Answers which will cover the top 10 questions consumers ask about food on Thursday, Sept. 12, at 7 p.m. CDT. Carolyn O'Neil, MS, RD, an award-winning author and nutritionist, will present the questions and responses from food experts from around the country. The top 10 questions we see are as follows:

  1. Are fresh fruits and vegetables better than canned and frozen produce?
  2. Are fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides less safe than organic produce?
  3. Is real cane sugar healthier than other sweeteners?
  4. Can most people benefit from a gluten-free diet?
  5. Are processed foods unhealthy?
  6. Do hormones in milk, meat and eggs cause early puberty?
  7. Are GM Foods safe?
  8. Are those who follow a plant-based diet (vegetarians and vegans) more healthy than people who eat meat, dairy and/or eggs?
  9. Has antibiotic use in cattle, pigs and chickens led to increased antibiotic resistance in humans eating meat products?
  10. Are organic foods healthier for me?

 Register for the True or Not? Your Food Questions, Expert Answers webinar.