Last month, the iconic butter cow at the Iowa State fair was vandalized by a group of animal-rights activists, and though the public mostly rejected the attack, it offers a sober reminder that activists have agriculture in their cross-hairs.

“Every year, the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers receives numerous reports of livestock theft and/or vandalism. It is important for every farmer to stop and take time to think about the security measures they have — or don’t have — in place,” the organization said.

According to the Globe Gazette, farmers of all kinds should make efforts to protect their livelihood. 

Brian Waddingham, executive director of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers, cautions producers about getting too complacent. He suggests offers several tips for producers, including:

  • Install motion-activated lights around buildings.
  • Install video cameras that also react to movement. Place two if possible, one to capture license plates, another higher to record faces and vehicles.
  • Develop good relationships with neighbors, sharing information about vacations and suspicious vehicles.
  • Vary routines.

Read, “Officials urge farmers to be vigilant against activists.”

The group also has prevention tips and suggestions for what do if you are a victim. Click here to download the PDF.