Wild weather will finish this week over parts of the Plains with some areas being hit by high winds, wildfires, blowing dust and severe thunderstorms spanning Thursday into Saturday.

The Great Plains will be in the middle of an atmospheric battle zone the next few days as pumped-up warm air in place tries to hold off a push of cooler air invading the West.

High winds, converging winds and swirling winds will be the root of the trouble.


Pre-existing dry conditions combined with the warmth, low humidity and strong winds will fan the flames of existing fires and could lead to the the rapid spread of new blazes from Texas to Minnesota.

Meteorologist Brian Edward explains that higher humidity will push into some areas during Thursday, lowering the threat level a bit.

"Even a few showers and thunderstorms will move into the region Thursday," Edwards explained.

Severe Thunderstorms

The showers and thunderstorms will not hit everywhere on the Plains, as many folks in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and parts of other states have grown accustomed to for months. However, areas that do get hit by thunderstorms could be really slammed.

There is the potential for the first multiple-state severe weather outbreak for the Plains since during the first part of the summer.

Wild Plains weather: Winds, fires, dust and thunderstorms

The outbreak will feature thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts. However, some of the storms can also produce large hail and even a tornado.

Only a few locally gusty thunderstorms are forecast to fire into tonight in the region with the bulk of these storms centered from western Texas to parts of Colorado. However, the severe weather outbreak will come to fruition Thursday afternoon over part of the same area, as well as areas all the way north to the western part of the Dakotas.

The severe weather threat will bow out farther east over the central and northern Plains during Friday, while hanging back to the west farther south.

Nasty thunderstorms will push into parts of Minnesota to eastern Nebraska and central Kansas during Friday. The localized severe weather coming to the northern Plains late this week will precede what appears to be a rough winter for some areas in terms of cold and snow.

During the weekend, it is possible storms will continue to congregate farther east in a narrow zone over parts of Texas and Oklahoma. While this may continue the severe weather risk, it could also present an opportunity for needed rainfall in an area that so desperately needs it. For part of the area, it is winter wheat planting time.


Source: AccuWeather.com