Global coarse grain ending stocks for 2011/12 are increased 6.0 million tons this month to 156.0 million. While most of the increase is in U.S. corn stocks, foreign coarse grain stocks are up 1.2 million tons to 131.5 million. Most of the increase in foreign stocks is for corn, up 0.9 million tons to 101.2 million.

Corn stocks prospects for Ukraine are up 0.7 million tons to 2.3 million due to record production. Increased production boosts Russia’s corn ending stocks 0.3 million tons. Adjustments to Canada’s corn trade for 2010/11 boost 2011/12 beginning and ending stocks 0.1 million tons. These increases are partly offset by reductions in ending stocks prospects for Serbia, down 0.1 million tons due to reduced production, with smaller reductions for China, the EU, and Peru.

World barley ending stocks are up 0.9 million tons this month to 22.5 million. Russia and Kazakhstan, with increased production, are raised 0.8 million tons and 0.2 million tons, respectively. However, Australia, with reduced production, has barley ending stocks prospects trimmed 0.1 million tons. Australia, with reduced sorghum production, has ending stocks prospects reduced 0.2 million tons, accounting for most of the change in projected global sorghum stocks. EU oats stocks are reduced 0.3 million tons this month, accounting for most of the change in global oats stocks. EU rye stocks are projected down 0.1 million tons.