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BeefTalk: How much should bulls weigh

How much should mature bulls weigh? Bull nutritional requirements are based on the projected value at mature weight. This means we have to answer the question about how much our bull will weigh at maturity. FULL STORY »

Cattle ranch of the week: Wilson Ranch

In the remote Nebraska Sandhills, Wilson Ranch founded by Anthony Wilson in 1888 is currently owned and operated by the fourth and fifth generations of the Wilson family. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Jon Wooster - Going to Washington with USCA’s Cow Boss and Friends

Jon Wooster is the Cow Boss at the United States Cattlemen’s Association. One of the primary movers and shakers of that organization, he rounded up a few of his friends and traveled to Washington a few weeks ago. FULL STORY »

Cattle ranch of the week: Frey Angus Ranch

Frey Angus Ranch has 60 years of experience breeding and selecting cattle that are acceptable in size, correct in structure and sound in their movement. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Mitch Johnson and today’s cattle feeding challenges

Even with record highs in cattle futures, cattle feeders are concerned with corn prices in the $6-7/bushel neighborhood, continual declines in the cowherd, and higher fuel prices. FULL STORY »

Cattle ranch of the week: Diamante Red Angus Ranch

Diamante ranch is located in southwest Missouri just on the edge of the Ozarks. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Kevin Carrazzone, ShopRite meat director

Kevin Carrazzone is an Easterner, “meat head,” leader and protein-pusher—all those titles fit, too. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with CJ Hunt, the perfect human diet and a great steak

We’ve all heard about the pop-diet gurus who push a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet on the public, usually by quoting each other as ‘trusted’ sources. That pop-science flick “Food, Inc.” traveled down that same well-worn path to perdition. FULL STORY »

Cattle ranch of the week: Novy Ranches

The Novy Ranch herd began in 1976 when Lowell L. Novy took the plunge and purchased the 6000 acres that comprises the Novy Ranches today. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five Minutes with Mark Pickering, hotel food supplies in Barbados

The day-time temperature in Kansas is starting to mellow out to the point where I’m not afraid of finding freeze-dried beef on the hoof out in the pasture. FULL STORY »

Cattle ranch of the week: Ridder Hereford Ranch

Ridder Hereford Ranch celebrated its 100th year in the cattle business this year. Ridder Ranch is located west of Callaway in Nebraska's great Sandhills. FULL STORY »

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