Klompien Red Angus was established in 1990, when Dave & Kay purchased all of the CK Red Angus replacements and leased the rest of the CK herd. CK Red Angus (Clint & Doris Kallestad) was established in 1968. Ever since she can remember, Kay (Kallestad) Klompien has been working with Red Angus Cattle.

Dave was raised with Polled Herefords and then later on a dairy. However, today he is totally sold on the Red Angus breed. He appreciates the focus on the relevant traits and, once being in the dairy business has absolutely no tolerance for poor udders.

Currently they run 150 mother cows and retain 40 replacement heifers. The cattle must meet very strict criteria and pay their own way. Problems (including feet, udders, attitudes, structure, fertility and calving) are simply eliminated. Using this philosophy, they increase the probability of buyer satisfaction; along with continuing to build the ultimate cow herd. The Klompien Red Angus Herd is composed of well-balanced, maternal, functional cattle. Extremes are avoided. Building the breed as a whole is also important, so Kay currently serves as the Montana Red Angus Association President.

This is a family business. Daughters Renee (24) and Kara (22) are essential to the success of the operation. Along with both Dave’s and Kay’s parents, their support and assistance are truly a blessing.

Klompien Red Angus will be selling several proven cows and also some heifers in the Big Sky Elite female sale this fall – October 29, 2011. Bull calves will be put on test at Midland Bull Test and then sold in April as yearlings.

For more information visit www.KlompienRedAngus.com