Meitler Cattle has been in the family for five generations beginning with August Meitler who homesteaded in the area in the 1880's. His son Fred and grandson Armin Meitler had farmed and raised cattle in north central Kansas for many years before Armin entered the Registered Hereford business in 1932. Present day owners are Gene Meitler and son, Darris Meitler.

Meitler Cattle is home to Superior Registered Hereford and Angus Cattle. No other herd in America produces cows like these. Meitler Cattle says you can’t find line one "Maternal Core" in the Hereford breed with a deep pedigree that reproduce themselves consistently anywhere else. Meitler has semen available from rare base Line One Bulls for sale.

At Meitler Cattle, they are all about great cows and females. They have first cross Hereford and Angus, Black White Females for sale every year. Their repeat customers over the years testify to the quality of their bulls and females. Meitler offers private treaty sales allowing customers to take the time to purchase the right bulls and females for their herd.

"We found this genetic core 30 years ago. We didn't throw it out with the trash and chase the end of the rainbow. We kept it and line bred it. While the industry chased fads, we stood fast. Now the industry is searching for what they have lost." - Gene Meitler

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