5 Mins w/Chuck Jolley

Jolley: Five minutes with NCBA President Bill Donald and the ‘Controversy’

I’m sure everyone knows what the ‘controversy’ is by now. It’s been in all the papers as they used to say when there were papers. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five Minutes with Dr. Kurt Vogel, ethics and animals

Kurt Vogel conducts seminars on animal welfare. He’s a cattle handling expert who learned his trade while a student at Colorado State University from the best – Temple Grandin. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with USCA’s Jon Wooster and the Beef Checkoff

I might have been looking the wrong way in the run up to the 2011 Summer Conference. When I scheduled my trip to Orlando, I thought the internecine, damaging-or-injuring-participants-on-both-sides-of-the-conflict, financial battle between the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Cattlemen’s Beef Board was slowly being resolved. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with incoming KLA President Frank Harper and GIPSA

Frank Harper's words left no doubt that KLA and NCBA members oppose “attempts to narrow the business options or limit the individual freedom of livestock producers to innovate in the management and marketing of their production.” FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with the AMI’s Dr. Betsy Booren and E. coli

For twenty years, the news about E. coli has been so thoroughly one-sided that the public probably thinks its last name is O157:H7. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five Minutes with CAB’s Maggie O’Quinn

Maggie O’Quinn is the real thing – a life-long ‘ag’ brat. Bet you thought I was going to say something about her Irish ancestry, didn’t you? FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with the European E. coli outbreak

E. coli O157:H7 and its many rabid relatives jump in and out of the news with distressing regularity. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Brad Wildeman and Canadian consolidation

Not so long ago, three Canadian beef organizations saw an opportunity to do better. Three groups were trying to accomplish many of the same goals and too much money and time was being wasted. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Dr. Richard Raymond and food safety

Dr. Richard Raymond graduated from Hastings College and earned his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Daren Williams, NCBA’s ambassador of beef

If you graduated from Kansas State and you’re fanatic about it, people say you bleed purple. I went to Michigan State and I bleed green during basketball season. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Uncle David, small family farmer

Uncle David is better known as David Peet, an accidental rancher who fell into the business a few years ago because his wife, Carolyn, wanted a horse. FULL STORY »

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