It's The Pitts

It's The Pitts: This Just-In

Every time my friend who works in TV comes to my house with all his techno-gadgetry he makes me feel like a cave dweller in the dark ages. So when he came by the last time I made sure the TV was turned to a video cattle sale. FULL STORY »

It's Pitts: No Free Ride (Best Of)

About this time of year the Las Vegas strip is descended upon by Dodge Rams, Chevy Silverados and Ford 150’s and 250’s. They’re in town for the National Finals Rodeo. You’d think a bunch of cowboys would feel out of place in Vegas but they don’t. In fact, they feel right at home amongst the carefree mobs gambling their money away. But there is one thing the cowboys will never get used to... valet parking. FULL STORY »

It's The Pitts: Don’t Ask

Recently a new ranch owner in our area forced himself into the conversation at the morning coffee club of old ranchers. In the course of the conversation he asked one of the crankier members how many acres he owned. Judging by the response you’d have thought he killed the old boy’s dog, stole his horse or insulted his wife.

Everybody knows you don’t ask a rancher how many acres or cows he owns. That’s like asking a Doctor how much money he makes, or asking a lawyer how much cash he has deposited in offshore banks. It’s simply none of your business!

It's The Pitts: Auctions, Not Elections

Like just about everything else in our society these days, our political machine is broken and our election process is in need of a complete overhaul. In the 2008 elections 5.3 BILLION dollars was spent on the Presidential and Congressional races alone and look at what we got for our money! Talk about buyer’s remorse! FULL STORY »

It's The Pitts: No Small Feet

It has been reported that the first thing the great director Cecil B. DeMille looked for in a young and sexy starlet wasn’t her face, legs, derriere or other points of her anatomy. No, he looked at her feet!

Cowboys are the same way.

It's The Pitts: The Run Around

Many years ago in our area two brothers took a bank for many millions by tricking the loan officer into thinking they owned a lot more cattle than they really did. In the morning they showed the loan officer a set of cattle and then they took him to lunch and force fed him martinis for two hours. In the afternoon their cowboys ran the same cattle around a hill a second time as a supposed new bunch of cattle.

It's The Pitts: Don’t Bank On It (Best Of)

With all the consolidating, downsizing and bankrupting going on banks are eliminating all sorts of services such as tellers and interest on savings accounts. But as far as I know, you can’t get your loan approved at the ATM yet. Unfortunately, your banker is still going to want to meet you face to face to check on your fiscal health.

It's The Pitts: Going Global

I don’t fly on the airlines any more but when I did I always tried to avoid talking with my fellow sufferers. I tried to do something more constructive, like biting my fingernails, searching the skies for birds or other airplanes, and praying we landed safely. But in this case I couldn’t help but wonder what job the man next to me had that would require so many electronic devices. “What do you do for a living?” I asked.

It's The Pitts: Sister Cities

When I grew up our small town had what was known as a “sister city.” Ours was in Mexico but other communities had sister cities all over the world, the idea being that by exchanging delegations we could all spread goodwill and learn something too. I don’t know if towns still do this and with all the terrorism around the world it’s probably not advisable. Instead, I think small towns in America ought to exchange visits with huge cities in our own country so they might see how we live, and vice versa.

It's The Pitts: Suture Self

A carpenter friend recently showed me a gruesome scar on his arm that was the result of some surgery he performed on himself with a sewing needle without any form of anesthetic! He said he played doctor and sewed up the nasty cut himself because he had no insurance and felt qualified because he’d once sewn some sails. From the looks of his arm I can only assume the sailboat subsequently capsized or ran aground.

It's The Pitts: On The Horns Of A Dilemma

Auction markets solve a lot of our problems. Not only do they provide the best form of price discovery, they also give us a place to send our waspy critters. Like weary parents who celebrate when their bratty kids are old enough to send to school, (where they become the problems of some poor teacher), we celebrate when we finally get our wild cows corralled and the Gooseneck door is closed.

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