KCS Angus Ranch is located in the hills of northeast Missouri, near Kirksville. The headquarters was moved to this location in September of 2006 from Silver Star, Montana.

K.C. and Georgia Stock have been involved in the cattle business for over forty years, feeding cattle in Wisconsin and in custom lots around the country. Since then they purchased the Leachman Angus Ranch herd known for producing many of the breed’s most important individuals including the legendary Leachman Lass 1004 and the famous Pathfinder® sires Leachman Prompter and Leachman Right Time. The herd has grown to more than 750 breeding-age females. They have further fortified the KCS herd with other proven Montana genetics from the Leachman Cattle Company and Stevenson Basin programs along with select females from leading breeders from coast to coast.

KCS runs an extensive embryo transplant program with co-op herds in three states. This coupled with the A.I. program enables them to have some of the breeds leading genetics.

With the Stocks' involvement in the cattle feeding side of the beef industry, the goals of the program are aimed at carcass quality and feed efficiency. KCS retains ownership in their steers and gather carcass data to guide the direction of the program.

Their last group of 125 ranch-raised steers and heifers fed in Wyoming converted 5-1 and gained 4.1 pounds a day making the cost of gain 58.52 with corn at near record highs they feel feed conversion like this is a necessity.

For more information visit www.kcsangusranch.com