Braunvieh and Angus/Braunvieh Hybrids can be seen grazing the rolling hills of McBee Cattle Company at Fayette, Mo. Ron and Teri McBee own and operate 1500 acres and have been in the registered seedstock business for over 30 years. Harvesting grass with cattle enables them to use the same Braunvieh purebred and fullblood females to produce both their Braunvieh seedstock and Angus/Braunvieh Hybrid bulls and females. Being in both the registered Braunvieh business and commercial cow/calf production lets them experience everything their customers do.

Their commercial operation consists of 200 commercial cows, mostly Angus/Braunvieh hybrids or halfblood Braunvieh influenced females. The purebred herd is made up of 250 registered Braunvieh females that are mated to Braunvieh bulls to make purebreds and Angus bulls to make the McBeef Builder Hybrids. Calving both spring and fall, between the Braunvieh herd and the Angus/Braunvieh Hybrid herd, they develop 100 to 125 heifers annually as well as performance measure around 120 bulls per year. Every animal, bull and female, are measured from birth to yearling for growth and ultrasounded for ribeye and marbling quality. The measurements used are the ones they feel are important for commercial beef producers to use to improve their bottom line. The bulls are developed on a high fiber diet with no corn, and the heifers are developed the same way on grass. McBee feels this is the best way to handle the cattle so they can be measured and compared in an environment similar to where they will spend the rest of their lives.

All of the pasture on the ranch is part of an intensive rotational grazing system in use year round. After extensive work in completing their corrals at ranch headquarters, the task of converting the 1500 acres to a rotational grazing operation was started in the summer of 2006. From their past experiences with Controlled Grazing in the 1980's, Intensive Grazing in the early 1990's, Management Intensive Grazing in the late 1990's and early 2000's, and lately Mob Grazing, with a grazing system in mind, the main portion of the ranch was divided into 80 paddocks with fresh water in each paddock by installing 7 miles of underground pipeline and 50 rubber tire water tanks. Around 29 miles of electric fence and 500 gates with a lane through the middle of the ranch makes handling the cowherds a one man operation.

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