AgriLabs announced the launch of the RESPOND line of cattle products, including RESPOND Cattle Drench with patented Zymace. Tight profit margins in today’s beef and dairy industries mandate that producers maximize production efficiencies while enhancing animal health, herd vitality and efficient feed conversion.

Stress is a consistent factor in production. The stressors of calving, weaning, processing, shipping, dietary changes and environment impact animal well-being and herd performance. The direct results of stress are reduced intakes of feed and water, which then significantly decrease the rumen's fermentation processes and capacity.

RESPOND with proprietary Zymace "excels where basic direct-fed microbial products fall short," the company says. RESPOND is a complete line of all-natural products that delivers a unique blend of production and health-specific vitamins, minerals, essential oils and highly bioavailable trace minerals that improve the dry matter intake and average daily gains of cattle, especially when stressed.

“The addition of Zymaceä means that RESPOND is without equal in performance and delivery," said David Zehendner, AgriLabs Business Unit Manager. "Good health starts with good digestion, and nearly 100 scientific papers document the benefits of A. oryzae and its ability to improve digestion.  Nothing compares or competes with RESPOND.“

Zymace stimulates the growth rate of beneficial fungi and bacteria, causing better rumen efficiency. This, in turn, increases microbial production and rumen activity. Consequently, more energy and protein is produced; stimulation of rumen microorganisms helps cattle derive more energy and protein from the feeds they eat.

RESPOND with Zymace provides is available in convenient 1-gallon containers and in bolus, powder and gel forms.

For more information about RESPOND products, please visit, or call (800) 542-8916 or contact your local AgriLabs representative.

Source: AgriLabs news release