A new organization has been started, dedicated to the responsible management of horses on a nationwide basis. The American Horse League, Inc. has been filed as a non-profit South Dakota Corporation to take on those groups who advocate for an end to humane common-sense animal ownership, specifically but not limited to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The American Horse League has been formed to combat the misguided attempts by these organizations. When these groups lobbied from State to State and in Washington DC to end responsible management of horses they fired the first volley in a war against agriculture as a whole, private property rights, and the humane treatment of livestock. To this end, the American Horse League has been formed with the mission of taking on this fight for our livelihoods and our rights in the Courts, the media, and in our Nation’s Capital.

The American Horse League will hold its first fundraiser at St. Onge Livestock in St. Onge, South Dakota at their Regular Monthly Horse Sale Sunday June 14. Justin Tupper and St. Onge Livestock have agreed to hold a rollover auction of a horse donated by Dale Simanton and Dorothy Snowden of Newell, South Dakota. The horse that will be auctioned is one which Dale and Dorothy rescued from a neglectful owner with the aid of the Butte County Sheriff. This horse typifies the need for a humane and responsible end in this segment of the livestock industry.

For more information on the American Horse League or to join call Chase Adams at (605) 347-1730.