The American Angus Association and Pfizer Animal Health announced a marketing alliance for two premier feeder calf programs. The collaboration pairs AngusSource, an age-, source- and genetic-USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) for Angus-sired cattle, with SelectVAC, the premier branded preconditioning program from Pfizer Animal Health.

“Pfizer is excited for the opportunity to work with the American Angus Association to help bring more value to their customers,” says Pierre Bertrand, SelectVAC marketing manager for Pfizer. “We admire the dedication of the AngusSource program for helping Angus customers market high-quality calves.”

More than 132,000 calves have been enrolled in AngusSource — nearly 51,000 in the first half of 2007. “The program continues to drive the beef industry toward quantifying true Angus genetics,” says Sara Moyer, AngusSource director.

“Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to maximize their marketing options and profit potential,” Moyer adds. “While we aren’t requiring them to participate in SelectVAC in order to register with AngusSource, we highly recommend it for the added benefits of better health and quality it brings to their animals.”

While AngusSource documents genetics and origin, participating in a certified preconditioning program can complete the total value picture. Moyer notes the demonstrated premiums available for verified health. “It makes sense to use every tool available to add value,” she adds.  And, buyers will feel assured the calf’s health is sound because of the added health verification.

More than 2.5 million calves have been enrolled in SelectVAC.  Its three flexible programs — PreVAC, WeanVAC and StockerVAC — allow producers to choose health management protocols that best fit their operation and marketing goals. And, studies show that preconditioned calves have a distinct dollar advantage over unvaccinated calves.

“Calves enrolled in SelectVAC deliver value through improved health, which reduces treatment costs, time and labor needs,” Bertrand says. “Buyers have paid up to $29 per head more on sale day for SelectVAC calves. Having verified health documentation along with verification of genetics, age and source will help producers capture the maximum value from Angus-sired calves.”

The Association created AngusSource to enhance the value of Angus-sired feeder calves and replacement females. As a USDA PVP, it documents source, group age and at least 50 percent Angus genetics.  Enrolled calves are identified with an official program tag and an AngusSource document is generated for the lot.

The SelectVAC program includes Bovi-Shield GOLD, CattleMaster GOLD, ONE SHOT and DECTOMAX.  

Source: American Angus Association press release