AngusSourceSM, the marketing program offered by the American Angus Association (AAA) has recently undergone changes that will add increased value to Angus-sired calves.  The AAA has submitted AngusSourceSM to the USDA for approval as a Process Verified Program (PVP).  The program will document enrolled calves as a minimum of 50% Angus genetics, source them to the ranch of origin, and provide group age information.  The AngusSourceSM program has also introduced a new enrollment process and a tag redesign.

“As Angus genetics, source and age information become increasingly valuable in today’s industry, becoming a Process Verified Program with USDA was the next logical step for the AngusSourceSM program,” says Jim Shirley, AAA vice president of industry relations and director of commercial programs.  “By having our processes audited and verified with USDA, we feel increased confidence in the information we are documenting and passing along to potential buyers.”

The new AngusSourceSM program tag identifies cattle that were enrolled together as a group lot, along with individually identifying the animal with an in-herd management code and a unique 15-digit animal identification number.  “AngusSourceSM” has also been added to the bottom of the visual program tag to increase visibility and make enrolled calves easy to identify at the auction market.  Both visual tags and RFID matched pair tag options are available.

In order to be eligible for AngusSourceSM cattle must be sired by a registered Angus bull, enrolled by the ranch or origin and have group age information.  An AngusSourceSM document is generated for all enrolled cattle.  The AngusSourceSM document lists the contact information for the ranch of origin, the bulls used to sire the lot along with their EPDs and $Value indexes and the group age (all cattle are given a group age of the first day of the month of birth of the oldest calf).  If a buyer is not presented with a document at the time of sale, one can be requested by contacting the AAA.

“There’s value in information,” Shirley says.  “The more information a producer provides the more opportunity there is for them to receive the full value of their genetics, and management practices.”  AngusSourceSM documents can be customized for replacement females or feeder cattle.  Additional management, process, health and marketing information can be included by the producer enrolling the cattle.  If marketing information is included, the cattle are listed on the AngusSourceSM Web site,, and sent via e-mail on the AngusSourceSM Listing to more than 400 order buyers, feed yards and auction markets.

“AngusSourceSM is the simplest and most effective way for a producer to document the Angus genetics, source and age of their cattle.”  Shirley explains.  “The cost is low, but the potential rewards are huge.”

To order tags and enroll calves in the AngusSourceSM program, or for a listing of AngusSourceSM cattle available for sale, go to or call the Association’s commercial programs department at 816-383-5100.

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