CHILDRESS, Texas – Mary Lou Bradley, fourth generation of the Bradley 3 Ranch, near Memphis, Texas, was looking for a way she and other ranchers could avoid becoming the last of the great Texas cattle ranches. Thus Bradley B3R Beef opened for business in 1986 in Childress with two simple goals: help ranchers make a living and provide consumers with the same kind of tender beef the Bradley family always enjoyed at home.

“We’ve always thought our beef is the best Texas has to offer,” says Mary Lou Bradley, the driving force behind the B3R brand. In fact, so does the Texas State Society. B3R Beef was selected as the main course for the dinner preceding the Texas State Society’s 2001 Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball. The event will be held Jan. 19 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

“Being chosen for this special occasion proves the marketing approach we’ve taken works. And since the crowd is nearly all Texans, there’ll be plenty of beef connoisseurs,” says Bradley. “We know our tenderloin steaks will stand up to their discriminating tastes.”

The 2001 Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball is the official inaugural event of the Texas State Society. Described as the “hottest ticket” in town, the affair is a sell out with attendance estimated at nearly 1000. President-elect George W. Bush is expected to be among the guests, many of whom represent Texas as they live and work in the nation’s capital.

Even after being selected by the Texas event planners, the B3R Beef had to satisfy Marriott’s internal quality control requirements. Marriott inspectors made an on-site visit to Bradley’s Childress, Texas, processing facility in early December. Marriott chefs also conducted an in-house cooking and taste test to insure the quality and consistency of the beef.

The B3R brand is available in select supermarkets throughout the United States. “We believe in selling beef like ranchers eat,” says Ms. Bradley. “We know where every animal comes from and have production records to assure the quality of our product from ranch to plate.”

For learn more about Bradley B3R Beef, call 800-245-7230, or for more information about the Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball, visit