NCBA and the American Meat Institute have worked with the producers of CNN’s “Larry King Live” on tonight’s hour-long segment about beef safety and its role in the diet. In addition to beef industry representatives and proponents of beef’s health benefits, alternative viewpoints will be presented.

University of Connecticut Nutritional Sciences Professor Nancy Rodriguez , a registered dietitian, will talk about the benefits of animal protein in the diet. She was recommended to King’s producers by NCBA. The counterpoint will come from T. Colin Campbell, an author and supporter of a plant-based diet.

Other guests scheduled to be on the show as of late this afternoon are American Meat Institute President and Chief Executive Officer J. Patrick Boyle, Texas A&M University Department of Nutrition and Food Science Professor Elsa Murano and Seattle-based foodborne illness attorney Bill Marler.

The “Larry King Live” web site is previewing the program. It features an interactive poll question asking “Do you eat meat?” You can participate in the poll by clicking here.


Source: Kansas Livestock Association