Now producers, veterinarians and nutritionists can receive timely industry analysis, news and commentary through BeefCast, a new podcast that can be accessed easily on the Internet or via an iPod. Each week, three 10- to 15-minute programs, which feature experts' comments on beef production, industry issues and other wide-ranging topics, are produced. BeefCast podcasts are sponsored exclusively by Elanco Animal Health, hosted by Ned Arthur of Truffle Media Networks and made available free to listeners.

"What makes BeefCast so different is that people who make their living in the beef industry now can hear experts talking about a wide variety of helpful topics with the flip of a switch, at the times and places that are most convenient for them," says Todd Ripberger, marketing consultant, U.S. Cattle Products, Elanco Animal Health. "Whether listening to automatically downloaded podcasts when driving or from the comfort of their home offices, producers and their consultants will have easy access to experts' perspectives."

More than 80 previously recorded programs already are available at, including discussions of beef-production subjects such as storm-related nutrition recovery, Johne's Disease and tips for when to call/not call your veterinarian. Experts also have shared perspectives on personnel management, how to maintain consumer trust, factors affecting meat quality and agro-terrorism. Several programs feature comments from key thought leaders, like Thomas L. Friedman, author of "The World is Flat."

"In addition to listening to BeefCast, people can help craft the podcast itself by suggesting programs topics and the names of experts they'd like to hear interviewed," says Ripberger. "These suggestions will help ensure that BeefCast continues to provide timely information about research, production, management and market issues that are most important to listeners."

To obtain a free subscription to BeefCast, download programs or submit ideas for future stories, visit Or, go to the iTunes Store and type in the search word "BeefCast." Due to the file size of each program, high-speed Internet access is recommended when downloading podcasts.