Earlier this week investigators at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced that two additional animals from the birth cohort of the Jan. 2 case of BSE have been exported to the United States. That total stands at six.

Of the 38 animals of interest investigators are looking for from the Jan. 2 case of BSE:

  • 10 have been tested and found negative for the disease in Canada.
  •   Six have been exported to the United States. USDA officials are now tracking those animals to determine their status.
  •   Canadian investigators are still looking for 22 animals of interest from the birth cohort in the Jan. 2 case.

As for the investigation into the Jan. 11 case of BSE, investigators have determined that the most recently born offspring from the infected beef cow are no longer alive. The two animals died of causes unrelated to BSE.

CFIA officials are finalizing the criteria for which to begin the review of the Canadian feed ban. U.S. officials are scheduled to arrive on Jan. 24 to conduct their own examination of the feed ban.