LAKEWOOD, Colo. – The Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Protection has seized 28 head of cattle from a Logan County livestock owner.

On April 20, 2010, CDA staff in cooperation with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office took charge of 28 head of cattle under the Colorado Animal Protection Act. The cattle are owned by Gilbert Dean Schuman, 57, of Schuman Cattle, LLC.

“Livestock owners have a moral obligation to provide for the nutritional needs of the animals in their care; in our opinion, Mr. Schuman was not properly caring for these cattle and they may not have survived much longer if they were not picked up in a timely manner,” said Assistant State Veterinarian, Dr. Nick Striegel.

Schuman is scheduled to appear in Logan County court on April 28, 2010, at 1:30 p.m. The hearing will evaluate whether Schuman is an unfit owner. If Schuman is declared an unfit owner, ownership of the cattle will be transferred to CDA.

“At this point, the Department’s top priority is to take these cattle to a safe location and ensure they are properly fed,” said Dr. Striegel.

In a separate investigation, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and CDA staff discovered nearly 80 bovine carcasses in various stages of decay on the same property in March 2010. Several of the carcasses were located in a livestock pond on the property and others were under mounds of hay. Tests show the animals died of moderate to severe malnutrition. In addition, many of the cattle found alive were in poor body condition. Sixteen head of cattle were taken to the Sterling Livestock Commission Company because their immediate welfare was in question. One heifer died and the remaining cattle are improving. Schuman was charged with 16 counts of cruelty to animals.

There are approximately 125 Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) agents in Colorado; many are employees of public and private animal shelters, and local law enforcement organizations. The program investigates over 12,000 reports of animal cruelty and neglect annually in Colorado. Species investigated in FY08/09 include:

· Dogs: 9,543 (78 percent of all investigations)

· Horses: 1,588 (13 percent of all investigations)

· Cats: 688 (6 percent of all investigations)

· Cattle: 38 (.3 percent of all investigations)

For more information or to file a cruelty or neglect complain, visit and click on “Bureau of Animal Protection.”