Now that the pork checkoff vote tally has been made public, others are chiming in on the ramifications of a vote getting rid of the checkoff funding.

Les McNeill, chairman of the Cattlemen's Beef Board said the beef producers have been in favor of the beef checkoff.

"In survey after survey, beef producers have expressed broad-based and strong support for industry-funded efforts to increase beef consumer demand,” he said. “We believe that support continues. In fact, during the most recent, independent, producer attitude survey almost 7 out of 10 beef producers said they strongly or somewhat support the checkoff program."

He credits the checkoff with industry gains.

"As of the third quarter of 2000 beef demand had increased by about 5½ percent over the same time last year, and demand has been increasing for almost two years after two decades of decline,” he said. “Beef producers recognize the value of checkoff programs to act as a catalyst in strengthening consumer demand."