Ohio’s Country Journal reports Chipotle endorses HSUS in it’s effort to reconstruct the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board on the upcoming November ballot.

The endorsement appears on HSUS’ web site, www.ohiohumane.com, in the business endorsements section. Chipotle has been a long time supporter of organic and humane agriculture. They recommend for everyone to see “Food Inc.” and constantly advertise about their beef and dairy products produced without additional hormones or antibiotics.

Kyle Sharp, journalist for Ohio’s Country Journal points out the problem with Chipotle’s support saying “How short-sighted is it for a business that relies heavily on selling meat and animal products to endorse the efforts of an animal rights group, HSUS, whose ultimate goal is to end the human consumption of meat and animal products?”

Chipotle has taken a short-sighted step to support its business that may hurt its long-term success.

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Source: www.OCJ.com