A a new Web site was recently created to consolidate BVDV information in a single location on the Internet.

The goal of this Web site is to provide a clearinghouse for BVDV information. Members from two national committees (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association BVD Working Group and Academy of Veterinary Consultants ad hoc BVD Committee) have contributed to the design and content on the site. 

The site contains a section for peer-reviewed manuscripts (divided by topic), non-peer-reviewed articles and links to external sites with pertinent information. Articles listed contain information regarding vaccination programs, diagnostic testing programs to identify persistently infected calves, herd management and biosecurity programs, economics of BVD control and mitigation, and information on BVD in other species. The site also houses software tools that help make decisions associated with BVDV testing or control programs.  These tools allow evaluation of the risk of BVD introduction and economic comparisons of BVD testing and control strategies.

The site also contains information from national BVD committees, including current position statements and schedules for upcoming meetings. This Web site will provide one stop for collecting valuable BVDV information to help keep producers, veterinarians and researchers up to date on the latest information.