DNA testing and marker-based selection are some of the most rapidly evolving and potentially important new technologies in livestock production, and the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium has compiled a list of information resources.

The NBCEC is an organization of researchers, educators, producers and industry leaders focused on genetic evaluation of beef cattle. Its mission is to advance U.S. beef genetics, increase the sustainability and competitiveness of the beef industry, and provide consumers with affordable and healthy beef products. NBCEC shows this commitment through research, animal evaluation, genetic test validation, industry collaboration and outreach, and professional development. 

Publications on the NBCEC Web site include the following:

Fact Sheets

  • DNA-based progeny testing and development of commercial ranch EPDs
  • Marker-assisted selection
  • The value of improving accuracy of yearling bulls
  • Validation of marker tests
  • Basics of DNA markers and genotyping
  • Fundamentals of expected progeny differences
  •    Whole genome selection
  • Guide to DNA markers

Position Papers

  • Beef cattle adaptability
  • Evaluating feed efficiency with IGF-I

Popular Press

  • Drovers – Wading in the gene pool