Dry conditions persist over most of Texas, all of California, and parts of the Delta, but conditions in the Corn Belt lean toward too moist. With generally moist conditions in the Corn Belt and favorable weather forecast the next two weeks, the prospects for a good corn crop are good. But grazing conditions over much of the Plains, especially south Texas, are poor to non-existent. Texas, in fact, may be seeing the worst drought in recorded history. San Antonio is currently in the driest 22-month period in its history. From September 2007, through June 2009, San Antonio has received just 23.9 inches of rain, compared with normal rainfall expectations of 61.2 inches during that time period, and only about 5 inches in 2009. For more on the Texas drought, click here  http://www.mysanantonio.com/business/local/50509397.html. To view the National Drought Monitor, click here.