The latest Crop Progress report, which USDA released June 1 indicates farmers are gaining ground on corn planting, although progress remains behind the five-year average.

Across the top 18 corn-growing states, 93 percent of corn acreage was reported planted on May 31, compared with 94 percent at the same time last year and a five-year average of 97 percent for the date. On May 24, the figure stood at 82 percent.

Key Corn Belt states such as Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota are near 100 percent planted, while states to the east including Illinois and Indiana are further behind, with 82 and 78 percent planted respectively.

The report lists 73 percent of corn emerged nationally, compared with 71 percent one year ago and a five-year average of 86 percent.

Soybeans are 66 percent planted compared with 67 percent last year and a five-year average of 79 percent. Sorghum is 57 percent planted nationally, compared with 53 percent one year ago and 58 percent for the five-year average.