Weekly corn export sales have increased somewhat in recent weeks, says Iowa State University Economist Robert Wisner. But combined shipments and outstanding unshipped sales still lag behind those of last year by about 4 percent.

Exports last year were held back by concerns over StarLink®, the genetically modified (GMO) corn variety that lacks approval for food use but found its way into some food products. Economic problems and continued concerns over GMO crops have contributed to a continued lag in exports this year. Dr. Wisner says our largest corn export markets continue to be sources of much of the weakness. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Feb. 14 export sales report shows cumulative corn exports since Sept. 1, 2001 and outstanding unshipped sales to various countries in percent change from a year ago, as follows:
Japan –11 %
South Korea -39 %
Mexico -21 %
Canada +13 %
Egypt –05 %
Syria –22 %
Saudi Arabia -28 %
Taiwan +05%