This weeks USDA Crop Progress report shows the U.S. corn crop remains on track with last year at this time in terms of development, and slightly ahead in condition.

Averaged across the top 18 corn-producing states, the report shows 31 percent of the U.S. corn crop at the silking stage as of July 19, exactly the same as one year ago, but behind the five-year average of 54 percent for the same date.

Soybeans reflect the same pattern, with 44 percent blooming in the top 18 states, compared with 43 percent one year ago and a five-year average of 62 percent.

Corn condition, on average, is slightly better than at this time last year, with the report rating 71percent of the crop as good or excellent, compared with 65 percent in those categories one year ago. Just 7 percent of the crop falls into the poor or very-poor categories at this point, compared with 10 percent on the same date last year.

Most of Corn Belt states report crop conditions reflecting or exceeding the national average, such as in Iowa where 80 percent of the crop rates good or excellent. At the other extreme, Texas continues to suffer severe drought conditions, and 35 percent of that state’s crop rates poor or very poor, while 37 percent rates good or excellent. The full report is available online.