James Andrews spent $160,000 to open a hot-dog stand in Chicago’s rough west side last spring and believed he was doing a community service by hiring ex-convicts. But some in the neighborhood think the name of his stand — "Felony Franks" — is unacceptable.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that members of a neighborhood association have vowed to stay away from Felony Franks until the name is changed and the décor — including cartoon hot dogs in prison stripes — is removed.

But Andrews has also encountered resistance from a city alderman. Andrews needed the alderman’s approval to install a sign that juts out from the building, but the alderman refused, telling Andrews he didn’t like the name Felony Franks.

Andrews says he doesn’t understand the views of some in his community and says he has long employed ex-cons because he believes people deserve a second chance and felons need stable jobs so they don’t add to homelessness.

The menu at Felony Franks lists the Misdemeanor Wiener and the Chain Gang Chili Dog. Side orders such as fries and cole slaw are dubbed “accomplices.”