In this Month’s Feed Outlook report, USDA forecasts U.S. feed grain production for 2009-2010 at 346.2 million tons, up from 344.8 million last month. The month-to-month increase reflects additions in corn, barley, and oats production but a reduction in sorghum production.

The report estimates slightly lower beginning stocks in 2009-2010, at 47.1 million tons, resulting in total predicted 2009-2010 feed grain supplies at 395.8 million tons, up from 394.6 million last month and up from 373.9 million in 2008/09.

The report also projects a reduction in total 2009-2010 feed grain utilization, with this month’s figure at 348.6 million tons, down from 349.0 million last month, but up from 326.9 million in 2008-2009. This increases projected feed grain ending stocks for 2009-2010 by 1.6 million tons to 47.2 million.

USDA projects all hay production in 2009 at 152.8 million tons, up 7 million from 2008 due to increased yields. The all-hay yield is expected to be 2.54 tons per acre, up from 2.43 tons per acre in 2008. Harvested acres are forecast at 60.2 million acres, up slightly from 60.1 million last year.

Production of alfalfa hay and alfalfa mixtures is forecast at 72.0 million tons, down 1.4 percent from the August forecast, but up 3.4 percent from last year. Based on October 1 conditions, yields are expected to average 3.43 tons per acre, down 0.05 tons from August but up 0.11 tons from last year. Harvested area is forecast at 21.0 million acres, unchanged from August, but up slightly from last year’s acreage.

The complete Feed Outlook report is available from USDA.