WAUKEE, Iowa — Proving that SyrVet’s Udder Shield provides more than udder comfort, we are happy to announce Udder Shield is expanding with two new products to better meet customer needs. In January 2010, we introduced One Gallon Udder Shield—perfect for dairy farmers needing to buy udder cream in large quantities. This gallon jug with handle has a pump for easy dispensing.

In response to our customers’ requests for a similar product in a smaller size, we’ve created a 400ml version of Udder Shield, packaged in a convenient hanging tube. The 400ml Udder Shield is an all natural herbal product with no chemical preservatives and contains peppermint oil, lanolin, and Vitamins A & D. Additionally, there are no antibiotics, which means no residue concern or discarding of milk from healthy udders.

To top off our Udder Shield family, we reveal something special: Udder Shield Gold, a 250ml hanging tube that comes in both a white formula and a blue formula. The blue formula aides in easily identifying where on the udder the cream has been applied so no parts are missed. Udder Shield Gold not only has the same great ingredients as 400ml Udder Shield, but it also has tea tree oil and aloe vera. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic & anti fungal qualities, and aloe vera helps reduce swelling while softening the udder. Udder Shield Gold is an all-natural herbal product with no antibiotics or chemical preservatives, and with no residue concern.

We’re excited to offer these additional options to our customers! There is now an Udder Shield product in the right size and formula for everyone. Whether you pick the 250ml Udder Shield Gold with tea tree oil and aloe vera in the blue indicator color or regular white color; the 400ml Udder Shield in convenient hanging tube; or the one gallon Udder Shield with pump, we know your cows’ udders will be soothed and comfortable!

For more information on SyrVet’s Udder Shield products, please visit www.syrvet.com or call customer service at 1-800-727-5203.

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