Cattle shown with GAM TAGs. GAM was the first company to have USDA interim-approved identification database with electronic ear tags approved by the NAIS.

Global Animal Management, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, announces the launch of its newly renovated web site, designed to educate consumers on the importance of animal identification and to serve as a portal to GAM's products and services.

"GAM offers a variety of products and services that touch all segments of the cattle and livestock industry," says Jim Heinle, president of Global Animal Management. "Our new web site is particularly designed to communicate the value of animal identification and verification services, making it easy for the consumer to understand."

Educational videos provide insight into the importance of animal identification, age, source and health protocols, and regulatory requirements, including the National Animal Identification System and Country of Origin Labeling laws.   The videos further detail many of GAM's products and services, including Tri Merit, Auction Check, FAM TAGs and CattlePost, and how these products and services seamlessly work together to provide value-added solutions to animal identification. The web site will soon feature information on GAM's additional products and service solutions, including Eye-D™, Animal Tracker (GMVS)™, GAM Premises Management System (GPMS) and Customized Data and Delivery/Reporting.

Consumer and media downloadable literature on animal identification and tracking is available on the web site under "Tools and Resources," as well as industry links, providing direct sources to the animal food and health industry.

"GAM's product portfolio is the only complete solution offered to the cattle industry that effectively integrates radio frequency identification into value added services such as age, source and process verification and genomic," added Heinle. "Many of GAM's products offer the producer an opportunity to qualify for market premiums otherwise not available through traditional marketing channels. We offer these services in a simple, convenient and cost effective solution to the producer."

In addition to the many educational enhancements, the web site serves as a portal to GAM's products and services, providing a one-stop shop to GAM's complete animal identification solutions. The web site also makes it convenient to find a local sales representative and to sign up for product updates and new product information.

GAM offers products and services for individual or group animal identification, storage, processing, analysis and reporting. GAM was the first company to have USDA interim-approved identification database with electronic ear tags approved by the NAIS. For more information on GAM's animal identification and verification solutions, log on to the revised Web site