The American Gelbvieh Association has unveiled its most aggressive marketing campaign to date. This campaign centers on the SmartCross™ Program, a new crossbreeding plan developed by the American Gelbvieh Association.

“In today’s beef industry, we saw a need for a simple crossbreeding plan that would get more producers into the profit center,” says Don Schiefelbein, AGA Executive Director. “SmartCross™ provides commercial producers with a plan that will help them make money.”

At the heart of SmartCross™ is the philosophy that Continental x British cattle are the most profitable in the cow-calf, feeder and packer segments. Research has shown cattle with 50 percent Continental genetics and 50 percent British are feed efficient and produce quality carcasses. SmartCross™ provides producers with a plan to get them to the 50-50 blend of Continental and British.

The three breeds included are Gelbvieh, Balancers™, and Angus (Red or Black). SmartCross™ shows producers what breed of bull to use on various types of cows in order to get to the profit center. For example, if a commercial producer has a highly British cowherd it is recommended to use a purebred Gelbvieh bull. If a producer has a highly Continental cowherd, SmartCross™ recommends using a purebred Angus or Red Angus or a Balancer™ bull to bring the progeny back to the 50-50 blend of genetics.

Balancers™ are registered seedstock composed of registered purebred Gelbvieh and Angus or Red Angus on both sides of the pedigree. Balancers™ can quickly bring a mixed breed cowherd to the profit center.

An eight-page handbook is available free to producers and explains the SmartCross™ Program in detail. For your copy call 303-465-2333 or e-mail

“SmartCross™ is right for the industry and will bring profit to all segments,” says Schiefelbein. “The American Gelbvieh Association has always been at the leading edge of the beef industry when it comes to commercially-focused programs. This is information that will work for all beef producers.”

The American Gelbvieh Association