At least some farmers in the Corn Belt region are firing up their combines, with big yields expected, although the harvest will be later than usual. 

This week’s Crop Progress report shows 57 percent of the U.S corn crop at maturity as of Oct. 4, up from 37 percent a week ago, but well below the year-ago figure of 70 percent and the previous five-year average of 84 percent.

Nationally, 10 percent of the corn crop is harvested, compared with 6 percent last week, 13 percent one year ago and 25 percent for the five-year average. Most harvested acreage, naturally, is in the south, but this report shows some harvest activity in big corn states such as Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

Crop condition continues to look good, with 70 percent of the national corn crop rated good or excellent, compared with 68 percent last week and 61 percent one year ago.

For Soybeans, the agency rates 67 percent good or excellent, compared with 67 percent last week and 57 percent one year ago. Soybean harvest also is underway across the country, with 15 percent harvested compared with 5 percent last week, 28 percent a year ago and 36 percent for the five-year average.

For pasture and range, the agency rates 48 percent as good or excellent, compared with 48 percent last week and 40 percent at this time last year. As we’ve seen through this growing season, trouble spots for pasture and range conditions are in the west and southwest, with California suffering the worst conditions. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas also report significant percentages of pasture and range in poor condition.

The full report is available online.