Igenity and Global Animal Management (GAM) joined forces to provide producers with the first-ever option to combine information from a comprehensive DNA profile with health, source and age records in one package.

“Now, producers can merge the inside information from Igenity with calf health, source and age verification records all in one place,” says Dr. Stewart Bauck, executive director of research and development, Igenity. “This partnership is a continuation of user-friendly solutions Igenity and GAM have brought to the beef industry.”

Tri-Merit is a data management tool from GAM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, that can be used to certify traditional health processes as well as verify age, source and movement of individual cattle. By linking Tri-Merit with Igenity, producers can now store a wealth of information about their cattle in one system. Igenity, a division of Merial, offers DNA analyses for more than 15 economically important traits, a diagnostic test for persistent infections (PI) of the bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus and more.

Bauck adds that this offering from Igenity comes just in time for producers who are evaluating marketing options for their spring calf crop.

“Feedyard buyers are likely to be choosy this fall when it comes to selecting cattle to fill their pens,” Bauck says. “Now, producers can supply buyers with information about their cattle’s genetics, BVD-PI status, health records, age and source of origin all in one convenient package — giving buyers more confidence in their purchasing decisions.”

Jim Heinle, president, GAM, says this partnership joins two groups with a shared vision to provide cattle producers with the most innovative technologies available.

“GAM is continuously pursuing technologies and information management solutions that help cattle producers find ways to achieve higher value for their animals,” he says. “Igenity offers the beef industry with the most comprehensive and powerful DNA profile available. It only makes sense that we combine this advanced information with the Tri-Merit data-management program to provide producers a convenient option to help add value to their cattle.”

Bauck adds that the combination tissue collection device and radio frequency identification tag available from Igenity is compliant with Tri-Merit — adding another level of convenience for producers looking to take advantage of both advanced technologies.

The DNA offering from Igenity includes the only available DNA analyses for maternal and reproductive traits; the most complete list of carcass traits; the only feed efficiency analyses for both Bos indicus and Bos taurus cattle; and more.