The first Marker-Assisted EPDs (MA-EPDs) ever published, appear in the ASA’s Fall 2004 Simmental/Simbrah Sire Summary.  This cutting-edge technology blends  IGENITY TM TenderGENE TM DNA tests on sires with Warner-Bratzler Shear Force measurements on their offspring to arrive at more accurate tenderness EPDs than with shear force data alone. MA-EPDs are particularly helpful on low-accuracy animals. These new MA-EPDs represent yet another groundbreaking event for ASA’s genetic evaluation program. Dr. Jerry Lipsey, ASA Executive V.P. says, “The inclusion of DNA technology in our EPDs exemplifies our commitment to providing ASA members and their commercial customers with the very best, most accurate technology for making selection decisions. Helping the beef industry prosper through better genetics has always been our goal.”

Calculated by Dr. Richard Quaas of Cornell University, these Shear Force MA-EPDs are the result of a far-reaching collaboration between the ASA, Cornell University, the National Beef Cattle Consortium, NCBA’s Carcass Merit Program and Frontier Beef Systems (recently acquired by Merial).

Tenderness EPDs are available for 332 Simmental and 10 Simbrah sires in the 2004 Simmental Sire Summary. “Once again, the ASA has shown their leadership in genetic evaluation,” says Dr. Jim Gibb, Senior Manager of Beef Segment Development for IGENITY. “The ASA research team is to be commended for this major genetic evaluation milestone. They have clearly demonstrated the value of merging DNA technology with EPDs and have paved the way for many other traits.”

EPDs on all animals in the ASA database can be assessed at The ASA web pages include a searchable database on 100,000+ Simmental, 1,000+ Simbrah and 900+ Angus sires. A multitude of sires of other breeds and breed combinations can also be found. 

The American Simmental Association is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana and maintains the breed registry for the Simmental and Simbrah breeds. For more information about ASA or MA-EPDs please go to the ASA Web site at or contact the ASA office at 406-587-4531.  To learn more about IGENITY TenderGENE and other DNA tests available from Merial, visit or call 1-877-443-6589.

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