GREELEY, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Beef Division of JBS USA Holdings, Inc., a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of JBS S.A., the world’s largest beef producer and exporter of processed beef, today announced it will implement Arrowsight’s third party 24/7/365 Remote Video Auditing (RVA) program at its eight US beef plants. The RVA program will enhance the Company’s existing efforts in food safety, quality, and animal handling activities conducted by plant employees.

JBS and Arrowsight have collaborated to design and implement an innovative, industry-leading solution that will further advance food safety performance by line workers on the slaughter floor to minimize issues related to cross-contamination.

“Within weeks of installing the RVA system, we were able to improve the accuracy of our auditing,” said Dr. John Ruby, Head, Technical Services, JBS USA Beef Division. “By measuring the performance of our workers and providing them with immediate feedback while they work, JBS will be able to continually measure and improve our food safety systems. We are excited to partner with Arrowsight to utilize the latest technology to enhance the safety and quality of our products.”

In July 2007, JBS S.A. acquired Swift Foods Company, which included 4 beef processing facilities, 3 pork processing facilities, and 1 lamb processing facility. JBS USA expanded its beef operations through the acquisition of Smithfield Beef Group, Inc., which included 4 beef processing facilities, and Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, LLC in October 2008. All JBS beef plants will implement the RVA program and related services in 2011, making it the first large scale meat company to incorporate Arrowsight’s RVA food safety operations program system-wide.

“The use of Remote Video Auditing services to address the root cause of cross-contamination has the potential to transform the global beef industry and establish new food safety standards in beef harvest facilities,” said Arrowsight Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Adam Aronson. “We are very pleased that JBS has selected Arrowsight as its partner to evolve and advance food safety standards for beef slaughter operations using RVA services.”

Arrowsight provides a wide range of industries with tools they need to have a precise view on critical aspects of their operations and improve performance. Arrowsight Remote Video Auditing is used for multiple applications in the meat industry and also in the healthcare and quick service restaurant industries.

About Arrowsight
Arrowsight (, a Web-based Application Services Provider, is the leading developer of remote video auditing services and software. Arrowsight has helped improve practices, compliance and employee morale in safety-sensitive industries, such as food processing, food services, manufacturing and health care. For more information visit

About JBS USA Holdings, Inc.
JBS USA Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in beef and pork processing with a daily harvesting capacity of 28,600 cattle, 48,500 hogs, 4,500 lambs and 7.2 million birds daily in the United States. The company’s operations in the United States include 8 beef processing facilities, 3 pork processing facilities, 1 lamb processing facility, 1 case-ready beef and pork facility, 25 poultry processing facilities, 9 prepared chicken plants, 1 hide tannery, 21 regional distribution centers, 2 grease-producing facilities, and 11 feedlots operated by Five Rivers Cattle Feeding, LLC, which supply approximately 30% of our fed cattle needs. JBS USA Holdings, Inc. is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of JBS S.A.

About JBS S.A.
JBS S.A. is currently the world's largest beef producer and exporter with a daily harvesting capacity of 90,390 head of cattle and the largest global exporter of processed beef. The company's operations include 58 production units in Brazil and 6 plants located in 4 Argentine provinces, in addition to 50 plants in the US, 3 in Mexico, 10 in Australia, 8 in Italy, 1 in China and 1 in Russia. Additionally, JBS S.A. is the third-largest pork producer in the US, with a harvesting capacity of 48,500 head per day. In 2008, JBS S.A. generated net revenue of R$30.3 billion. Its brands "Friboi," "Swift," "Swift and Company,, "La Herencia,” "1855 Swift Premium," "Maturatta,” "Cabaña Las Lilas," "Organic Beef Friboi," "Anglo," "Mouran," "Plata," "King Island," "Beef City," "AMH," "Inalca," "Montana" and "Ibise" are widely recognized as symbols of quality. More information about JBS S.A. is available at