Wamego rancher Barb Downey will run today in the Boston Marathon as part of Team BEEF. She and 13 others will wear the BEEF jersey, promoting beef as an important protein source to fuel active bodies. More than 25,000 runners will compete in the race.

The National Beef Ambassadors also will be on hand, through a partnership with the beef checkoff, to inform other Boston Marathon runners and thousands of spectators at the event about the benefits high-quality protein in lean beef brings to a healthy diet. Ambassadors will join Downey and other Team BEEF members during a sports and fitness expo held in conjunction with the race. The group will extend messages about checkoff-funded research showing beef in the diet can help maintain a healthy weight, build muscle and fuel physical activity.

"Our checkoff dollars and time are well-spent helping people at these events understand what beef has to offer," said Downey. "They’ve been looking for permission to eat more beef and we give it to them through verifiable nutrition research."

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