Cattlemen who lost cattle during last week’s heat wave may be able to recover those losses through the Livestock Indemnity Program. Under LIP, producers are allowed to seek compensation for death loss due to adverse weather conditions between Jan. 1, 2008, and Oct. 1, 2011. These weather conditions include blizzards, tornados, extreme cold and extreme heat. 

Although the exact date for signup for LIP has not been announced, USDA Undersecretary James Miller said he expects that to begin sometime in July. However, producers are encouraged to begin documentation so they are prepared when sign up begins.

Qualifying documentation could include renderer receipts, veterinary or insurance records and other similar documents. Death loss totals will be adjusted for expected levels of normal mortality. Feeders are encouraged to record approximate weight of cattle lost; total inventory; management steps taken to reduce heat stress; and weather conditions, specifically temperature, humidity and wind speed.

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