One of America’s leading financial investors is bullish on commodities. Jim Rogers, a co-founder with George Soros of the Quantum Fund and a financial commentator, says commodities supplies are declining and believes commodities are the only asset class where “the fundamentals are improving.” Rogers started the Rogers International Commodities Index 10 years ago and is the author of Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World’s Best Market.

Rogers believes the “only people to make money in the next 20 years will make it in commodities.” When asked if we are going to see another food-price spike sometime soon, Rogers said, “Definitely. I think you should move back to Indiana and marry a farmer. Farmers are going to be the ones driving Lamborghinis, and the traders are going to have to learn to drive tractors.”

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It’s always good to hear someone predicting positive things about whatever you’ve invested your money into. And Rogers is probably as good a crystal ball reader as there is these days. However, Rogers himself may be driving a Lamborghini, but it would seem unlikely he’ll be moving to an Indiana farm anytime soon. — Greg Henderson, Drovers editor.